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Buddhist Circuit

In the Mahaparinirvana sutra, the Buddha tells his followers that they can attain merit and a noble rebirth by going on pilgrimage to the places where he was born Lumbini, gained enlightenment Bodhgaya , first taught Sarnath, and attained Nirvana Kushinagar.
The Buddhist tourist train takes you to these places and helps you experience firsthand the self disciplined and legendary life of Lord Buddha.
India, the country where Buddhism originated has rich memories of the Buddhist legacy. As part of its drive towards austerity, the only kind of art and architecture that it supported were Stupas (stone cased moulds that commemorated relics of Buddha), Chaityas (prayer halls) and Viharas (cells for the monks). Buddhist Train India will help you visit all these places up close for a truly religious experience.
Come, discover the path to enlightenment, towards Buddha by train.

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